to Absolutely Absinthe

The only pre-ban style absinthe available.

Get ready for a wild Green Fairy time and experience the strongest mind-bending absinthe on the planet... We use genuine pre-ban recipes to create our three top quality, potent absinthe-making kits:

Absinthe Clandestine - Liquor-based home making kit
Absinthe Hausgemacht - Liquor-based, Bohemian style
L'Amore - Absinthe wine kit (extra aphrodisiac power!)

Other absinthes fail to compare... Modern-day, factory-produced absinthes are only pale imitations of the genuine, nineteenth century stuff that was once drunk by the rebel poet Rimbaud, the decadent writer Oscar Wilde or the mad painter Van Gogh.

Now, for the first time since the absinthe ban, anyone can experience genuine, pre-ban absinthe again, and " mad, mad with the madness of absinthe, the wildest, most luxurious madness in the world...," as Marie Correlli said over a hundred years ago.

All-natural herbal power.

Absolutely Absinthe kits are all-natural, made with organic, hand-picked ingredients according to traditional recipes. No artificial colourings are used. We carefully source all the herbs that go into making our unique products.

Easy to make.

Our absinthe kits come with detailed instructions that anyone can follow to make real absinthe in three to five days. No herbalist experience is necessary (that's our job) – you just soak the herbal mix we provide in alcohol, wait a few days, filter and enjoy! Needless to say, no distillation is involved – our's are traditional steeped absinthes.