Clandestine: Swiss-style Absinthe

Genuine Swiss recipe
Est. 80-90mg thujone
Intense alpine-fresh aroma & taste
All natural ingredients

TASTE... Our popular Clandestine absinthe kit makes absinthe that has an intense herbal aroma of the Swiss alpine valleys and a great vibrant taste. All-natural light-green colour.

EFFECTS... A potent combination of organic, sun-dried Artemisia absinthium (wormwood) and a cocktail of several other herbs, Clandestine guarantees to deliver that powerful mind-bending buzz that sets absinthe apart from all other drinks. It's no surprise customers keep coming back for this one!

STRENGTH... A bottle of home-made Clandestine packs estimated 80-90mg of thujone — up to nine times more than mass-produced, commercial products — so get ready to liberate your mind and meet the Green Fairy!

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Clandestine absinthe kit contains everything you need to make and enjoy a great absinthe at home: the herbs, filters, bottle labels, special sugar cubes, two absinthe spoons and an illustrated 23-page guide which explains the (easy) steeping process, as well as how to perform the different absinthe drinking rituals.

Absolutely Absinthe's Clandestine kit packs as much of the Fairy magic of the Alpine farmhouse kitchen as we could possibly get in.

Clandestine follows the tradition of the original Swiss recipe for clandestine, or la bleue, the "underground" Swiss absinthe that quietly survived a century of prohibition. (When absinthe was banned in Switzerland in 1907, the defiant mountain folk of Val de Travers and other Alpine regions wouldn't have any of it and continued to make their traditional drink at home regardless – hence the name "clandestine".)

Even though absinthe is legal in Switzerland and across Europe again, Swiss home-made clandestines still remain much sought-after for their superior taste and strength over mass-produced absinthes.

Note: The BBC has a short but interesting article about the lifting of the Swiss absinthe ban (BBC, Sep 25, 2003).