Hausgemacht: Bohemian Absinthe

Traditional Bohemian recipe
Est. 70-80mg thujone
Rustic, pine-like aroma & taste
All natural ingredients

TASTE... Hausgemacht delivers a heavier, sweeter scent and deeper flavour than our Clandestine. Pine is the predominant aspect here and the flavour does have a certain raw quality to it – but that very much expresses the nature of the rustic part of the world where this absinthe originates.

EFFECTS... A traditional relaxing recipe to end the stresses of the day in rural Bohemia and beyond, Hausgemacht-style absinthe was later embraced by the bohemian artists who were always on the lookout for a new way to free their mind. Hausgemacht still delivers, and you don't need to be an artist to experience the powerful surge in imagination and mental clarity this Bohemian Fairy provides.

STRENGTH... Hausgemacht contains an estimated 70-80mg of thujone, which is up to eight times more than a typical mass-market absinthe.

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Hausgemacht absinthe kit contains everything you need to make and enjoy a great absinthe at home: the herbs, filters, bottle labels, special sugar cubes, two absinthe spoons and an illustrated 23-page guide which explains the (easy) steeping process, as well as how to perform the different absinthe drinking rituals.

Absolutely Absinthe! Kits

Each Absolutely Absinthe! kit contains everything you need to make great absinthe at home in only three to five days. Our illustrated "Discover absinthe" handbook will guide you through the simple preparation procedure and explain how to perform various absinthe drinking rituals.

One kit makes two litres of absinthe – enough to keep a party of seven or eight going right till the early hours!

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The finished product, ready to drink!

It's the Green Hour! In France, Switzerland and the lands of Bohemia alike, absinthe was traditionally drunk as an elixir that helped to put to rest the stresses of the day. Come five o'clock in the afternoon, folks began to gather in cafes where they relaxed in the company of the Green Fairy.

But whenever your day ends, it's never too late for a green hour and that refreshing, mind-shifting buzz that only genuine 19th century-style absinthe can bring about.

A French-style tarte tatin or an apple pie is optional – though we do think it goes very well with a glass or two!

The Green Hour with Absolutely Absinthe!

How about an absinthe party?

Absinthe, the "forbidden", mysterious, mind-bending drink is always guaranteed to intrigue guests. Make your next party a special one with home-made Absolutely Absinthe! and let your friends marvel at the magic of the absinthe ritual and, then, experience that powerful absinthe buzz.

We think our "Butterfly Kiss" bottle label does fit the bill and captivates people's imagination even before they take a sip of the Green Fairy... but here is another stylish party serving suggestion nevertheless:

A party serving suggestion

Ready to meet the Green Fairy?

The go ahead and...

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